New 718 Cayman GT4 RS: 1,700-Mile Test Reveals Why This Is One Of Porsche’s Finest Sports Cars


The new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS is at the top of its model range for a host of reasons, not least of which is its on-track ability. What happens when you take one for a long road trip on normal stretches of pedestrian tarmac though? Henry Catchpole just drove one 1,700 miles (2,735 km) and learned quite a lot in the process.

Catchpole calls it “Fun with a capital F” and that’s appropriate since Porsche itself has said many times that it wants the GT4 RS to be playful and fun. The Carfection host can’t help but utilize the playful chassis to powerslide out of a multitude of hairpin turns on a road actually named NA-718 in Spain.

He also highlights the incredible sound of the car which is helped out thanks to the giant air intake near the driver’s head. It also helps that the car features the shortest gearing ever in a Cayman.

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Of course, not everything is perfect. Firstly, the rear wing hurts visibility, and the wheels and brakes are quite expensive for the small weight savings they offer. The paddle shifters are a bit small and “dinky” too. Despite that, he does enjoy the experience of using them to swap cogs.

Nevertheless, this car delivers on every level and actually proves to be worth the long wait. Unlike other extreme RS models made by Porsche, this Cayman doesn’t make the driver pay for trying to use it on normal roads over hundreds of miles. That’s a balance that very few cars actually find.

Despite all of the crazy track-focused kit on the Cayman GT4 RS, Catchpole gives it some of the highest praise possible. “This is going to be up there with the best GT cars ever, the best sports cars ever,” he says. The execution is so good that he thinks it deserves a place in the Porsche Museum at Stuttgart someday.

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